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Bakari Pack

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In this pack, we’re introducing the latest addition to our Italian portfolio of delicious pet nats wines from Veneto, northern Italy.

Bakari Confondo x 2

This lovely wine is made with 100% Cortese grapes. The juicy white pulp fruit is predominant especially the ripe apricot stands out. The decisive bubble gives the wine a final sensation of freshness. Low alcohol content, indigenous yeasts, and unfiltered. Enjoy.


Bakari Rosa Confondo x 2

This biodynamic wine burst with flavours of strawberry must, peach skin and some grape must that gives some funk but in a good way. The bubbles tingle the taste buds with some fruitiness to finish things off.

Low alcohol content, indigenous yeasts, and unfiltered.


Bakari Pinot Grigio 2019 x 2

When many people think “Italian White Wine” Pinot Grigio is the first the comes to mind. Indulge in aromas of yellow-fleshed fruit and aromatic herbs. Delicate on the palate, the persistence is just as gentle, leaving a barely noticeable savoury note, which the freshness carries on.

Farmed with biodynamic practices. 

In the six-pack you will receive 2 bottles of each of the wines.