Tenuta Santa Cecilia

Tenuta Santa Cecilia

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In the pack, you will find six of organic delightful wines. 


Join the discovery of Pignoletto, a native Italian grape that we are absolutely crazy about.

This is a medium body and moderate acidity, unique for the harmony and richness of flavors wine. On the palate it is soft, enveloping, rich and transmitting its warmth.

The bouquet is quite suave with hints of exotic fresh fruits, apricots and peach flowers. This wine goes perfectly with pesto pasta or grilled fish dishes.



Indulge in the light ruby colour and enjoy the purple reflections. Follow to discover herbaceous notes sweetened by hints of berry and spices that will dominate the palate. 

It is a dry, well-balanced wine that will be perfect with most of red meats dishes.


Kick-off the party with this golden, spritzy wine packed with personality! Expect intense and fruity scents of apricots and acacia on the nose and soft and fresh palate. 

Ideal for aperitifs with cold cuts and cheese 


The organic winery Tenuta Santa Cecilia is located in Croara, on the hills immediately South-East of Bologna.

Tenuta Santa Cecilia has been an organic winery since its inception more than ten years ago. Indeed the winemakers do not use pesticides, synthetic fertilizers nor herbicides, but only natural products. The treatments are carried out respecting man and nature to maintain the terroir that identifies their excellent wines.

They are the new frontier of sustainable wine and we love to support them at Unicorn Wines.