Great wines bring great moments to life

Stumbling upon good wine, tasting, pairing with good food and sharing in good company are the simple pleasures in life. These moments are what I live for.

I’ve spent 15 years travelling the world, drinking wine from almost every continent, putting my hands in the soil, breathing in the air, spending time with the winemakers.

From working at Sydney’s Glass, to Marlow in San Francisco, to Elvino and Axe in Venice, LA, to helping Merivale open the iconic venue, Mr Wong – wine is my purpose.

What I’ve learned is that people who make wine with their bare hands, with a real passion for winemaking, telling their own story are those who create the most memorable wines. The Unicorns.

Gerard O’Bryan

Head Sommelier & Chief Unicorn

The world is our cellar

Australia to Italia, France to Argentina – you won’t find Unicorn Wines in common retail outlets. We are committed to sharing hidden gems made from adventurous grapes that tell a fascinating story with every glass.

No bargains. No bulk deals. We strive to find the best, hand-made, artisan wines that inspire appreciation for quality craftsmanship, array of styles and characteristics of the regions the wines come from. Every Unicorn wine is seriously unforgettable.

We celebrate natural and healthy lifestyles, so we partner with winemakers who align with our beliefs. Organic and biodynamic farming allows us to capture the natural beauty of the grapes, enhancing the clarity and purity of flavours. Our wines are made ethically – low to no sulphates, no preservatives and no chemical additives.

As a result, Unicorn wines are naturally delicious for your pure enjoyment.

Our wines are for everyone, from seasoned experts to everyday wine lovers, because we all deserve to discover new tastes in life.