Tuscan Trio

Tuscan Trio

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Indulge in the taste of Tuscany with this hand-picked selection of organic red unicorns:

In the six-pack:

2x Monte Bernardi Sangio 2021

The wine is distinctly fruit-forward with fresh plum and blood orange notes. Simply delightful.

2x Monte Bernardi Tzingarella 2021

This full-bodied wine is packed with fruit that is richly complex and smooth. Its tannins, acidity and cherry soul are unmistakably Tuscan with the added character of fresh cassis, blackberries and minerality characteristic of Bordeaux. This wine can be laid down to be enjoyed in the years to come, but can also be enjoyed upon release. Our best seller!

 2x Monte Bernardi Retromarcia 2021

"A jewel, one of those wines you can drink with glorious abandon – or simply sit quietly to enjoy its subtle complexities. You can see your fingers holding the stem of the glass – Sangiovese, I am told, should never show up opaque, and is questionable if it does. But the wine is transparent also in that, in a single sip, you can sense the place, the much-loved vines, the classic galestro/albarese soil, the sun, the dappled shade on the well-cared-for canopy. Intelligent and delightful."

This mix is a crimson paradise for the most well-red wine lover.